Blades of Rudo

Dark Night

Vanwafeya attends the Dark Ball in tight leathers and a skeletal mask, she gets little respect, but many furtive glances. She is danced by a number of suitors in a simple “round” dance, where the ladies are past amongst the circles of Gents. Hating the conformity she reverses and grabs a beauty in an angel mask and takes to the center of the floor. They dance whirling dervishes and the music plays to them while the other guests watch. The angels askes for a name, any name to remember her by. Vanwafeya replies,” My truename speaks of ‘Lost soul’ and so shall I be.” “Then the riddler shall only know me as Celeste.” The angel chides with a sly smirk. Breathing heavily the dancers are taken in hand by the gents. Celeste by a muscled man in a fish mask, and Vanwafeya by Baynock, the Half-lord himself. The thanks her kindly for her services to her kin and he is pleasantly surprised that she should bring such spirit to his evening.

Celest is fought over by a drunk and the fishmasked. The drunk is the crown prince, Bramlet, and the Fishmask is Gerard Windover, a dashing emissary from the far-port of Nagisa. The prince is disarmed and dishonestly calls for another sword, which he is denied. His brother and guardsmen escort him out. When the party resumes, Celest takes Gerard to a minor balcony and reveals herself as Cortina Fedo, a daughter of a noble house. Gerard refuses Cortina’s advances and she is left on the balcony distraught. When she thinks she is alone, she mutters something to herself and leaps from the third story balcony. Vanwafeya, having heard the exchange, rushes to the railing and sees Cortina floating to the cobblestone and running off on foot. Turning to resume the party, vanwafeya hears Cortina scream. The half-elf lass scurries down the manor wall in her tight leathers. And runs a few blocks to find Cortina magically suspended in air and a trio of thugs trying to bring her down with ropes. Vanwafeya disarms and disables one and the other two confront her but refuse to take her seriously. She slices the hand of one assailant, who runs off. She is about to be attacked from behind when magical bolts flair from Cortina and stun the final man.

Vanwafeya offers her true name and the angel and devil duo return to the estate proper. They retire to the same room for safety, clean up, and rest.



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