Blades of Rudo

Flight of Fancy

After spotting the Blue Falcon on its morning flight, Vanwafeya and Cortina take one of Baynock’s Carriages to the Fedo estate, where Cortina lives. Instead of being allowed to Cortina’s Room they are summoned before the lady of the house, Baroness Lyanna Fedo, a stern gaunt woman of late middling years. Cortina is reprimanded for forging an invite to the dark ball, making a spectacle of herself and embarrassing the crown prince. Cortina is forbidden from leaving the grounds until further notice. Out of earshot from the matron, Cortina tells one of her trusted servants to prepare two horses and provisions. She will promptly be taking a journey north to see her uncle. Then Vanwafeya is escorted from the estate. She waits by the stable exit, there she sees Lyanna waiting for her wayward daughter. A gruff streetman approaches Vanwafeya. “You seem to be searching for something. The lady of the lost soul should follow this poor beggar and you’ll be finding it.” Cortina’s eyes shown out from beneath the beggars brow. Rather than heading North, they exit the city on the south gates, on the road to the port city of Ryden. Outside the city gates, they encounter Parn, the newly made acolyte of Farlaghan bandaging an injured horse and paying a gate fee on a cart of goods from a poor farmer. Parn hails Vanwafeya and explains his good fortune of being accepted as an acolyte in the order of Farlaghan. Though he was told by Father Goodchild that first he must find who he is, and help himself, before he helps others. Helping others does not make you better or worse than those you help. Parn decided that finding is adopted father in Rudo would be a solid start. He offers to accompany Vanwafeya and her friend south.

Miles from town, the glamer of the streetman falls and Cortina is revealed for who she is. Parn proclaims his indifference to her status, though he apologizes profusely for not showing his due courtesy to a lady of the court.



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