Blades of Rudo

Kalzak's refusal

Vanwafeya, Parn, and Cortina return to Rudo. Cortina, using the heft of her noble parentage, tries to get an audience with Marie Calisan, but instead is greated by her husband Sir Arthur Kalzak. Parn lays his case that he is seeking his family, that he was found at age five some twelve years ago and the signet ring of House Calisan was found on him. Kalzak says that all that could prove is that he was a thief at an age too young to remember. He snatches the signet and has them removed from his estate.

Lyanna Fedo awaits outside in a carriage and her knights apprehend Cortina.

Parn and Vanwafeya are left with half of a smudged map and few leads. They take the salty parchment to the scribes in the temple of Pelor, sun-god and life giver. They are told that normal means of restoration are impossible, but divine assistance may prove useful. Parn swears to dedicate a week of his life, each year to the temple of pelor as a lay-man, a servant, and a healer as payment for services rendered. An upper clergyman casts a divine mending on the old text causing ink to run back in place and images to sharpen. The map is the southern coast, from Ryden to Nagisa. Meticulously detailed with every bay and inlet and signed by the Cartographer, Lord Edward Calisan.

The Pelorian Cleric asks for Parn’s tale. At the conclusion he tells Parn that without being a Falcon Shifter, the evidence is insubstantial. In a flash and feathers Parn transmorgifies into the celestial blue falcon which has been sighted around rudo for the last few years. The Cleric is taken aback but tells him that he is the wrong falcon, the Calisans aren’t angelic.

Parn returns to human form disappointed and confused. He and vanwafeya return to the Foxglove tavern to drown his sorrow.



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