Blades of Rudo

On Hiatus

The Players take some time off in and around Rudo, following their own Goals. Beleen takes to the wilds and sanctifieds a grove south or Rudo. There she is honing her skills as a druid and delving the mysteries of herself and nature. Fubar goes on a drinking binge and is thrown in the drunk tank for misconduct. Onuriz, on the same drinking binge, gets thrown out of most pubs in the city until he finds himself in Baron Metla’s “Wineskin’s Trumpet.” There he offends a good number of guests and is killed in a dual with the crown prince, Brahmlet. The Blue falcon rides the winds above the city still. Vanwafeya plans to attend the Earl Inyu of Baynock’s “Dark Ball.”

(Campaign currently on Break due to relocation IRL)



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