Aemon Quint

skinny noble


Aemon Quint in a sharp featured nobleman who dresses in opulent reds and browns with gold and iron adornments. Baron Raynard Metla obtained the seat of internal reform and excellence for Mr Quint by sighting racial representation for the elf and half-elf community. Aemon backs Metla’s plans for castle defenses and production controls. He is also spearheading a movement to dam the river and have a passage tax through the new water locks.

The statesman finds himself unpopular because of his often draconian code of conduct (which he himself is not subject to). Any hardship that the common folk find themselves in, must certainly be their fault and they deserve their just punishment more than relief from the king’s good-nature. If a famine were to strike he’d blame them for not forseeing such an inevitability and stockpiling harvests in the fertile years.

He is apparently a caster and most of his possesions contain his Arcane Mark.

Aemon Quint

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