Mercane pub owner


Blue skinned Mercane busybody. 6’7” Wears long gawdy robes and wooden jewelry.


Balboreth Sil’Nev’anar’duran is a novelty. He is a skinny planeswalking Mercane who has settled down to make his fortune in this corner of the material realm. He owns and runs the Foxglove Tavern. He bought it from the origional owner, Red Swansoner and all he asked was that he reviewed the wares and records and have a back room office to himself. Red and his family still run the floor but Balboreth handles the affairs with a light touch. As it turns out, the blue skinned outsider marvels at the human interaction and has become quite a gossip and a busybody, wanting to know everything about everyone. Information comes at fair-trade, which means a high price. Since taking control, the foxglove has done quite well and people have settled on the owner as an interesting oddity.


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