Firelord of the Gaiares Empire


Divine Rank 0 fire, destruction, knowledge


The entirety of the Empire is controlled by a strict hierarchy devoted to Fahazul (L/E Deific elder fire elemental: Domains: Fire, destruction, knowledge). He is physically present in the center of the Gaiares Citadel guarded by denizens of flame. His orders are passed to the mortals usually through the divinations of the clerical generals. All of the Fahazul’s spells are tinted green and it pervades the empire. Fahazul, in order to draw more power and followers, has begun to seed his lands with aberrants sworn into his service. These require slaves for their tormented lusts and sometime’s their sustenance. In order to avoid slavery one must be indentured to a noble (indentured servants are protected from sale) or granted citizenship. Citizenship is granted to nobles, officials, and anyone completing a ten year term of service in the gaiaran military. All men of age are required to perform a 4 year tour and be a permenant member of the militia (this results in all citizens to have some class levels) Slaves, refered to as “pleb” or Plebians, are often sold into the service of the abberants: Aboleths, Mindflayers, and Tsochar. They are indebted peasants or captives of foreign lands. In each city is a hearthflame of Fahazul, this is a green flame which is usually the center of a desecration and the focus for clerical divinations. Healing spells usually have a warm burning feeling and a tolerance for flame and pain is prized throughout the hierarchy. Undead are employed by the clerics a laborers. Some revere it as ancester worship and a gift of fahazul, not black magics to abhor. Each Polis is largely governed by a cleric of Fahazul, the position is not hereditary (of course) and it is appointed either by divination or election through the hierarchy, if Fahazul has no personal interest. The higher officeres are usually clerics but not required. Druids are usually not of the mindset to be part of the Empire. There is a monastic order of Fahazul based in Gaiares. Most disturbingly is the developement of magical armored tanks in the early stages in technan. Run by holy magical fires, these travesties of technological magic threaten to overturn the balance in any warfare. The savage tribes of the north are being quelled by the gaiares legions but prove cunning and difficult to kill on their home territories. Of the Northwest the great marsh, or Browning Mire is home to lizardfolk who don’t take kindly to the fire-bringers of the south.


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