Lyanna Fedo

Elderly Wagon mistress


human female noble level 4 This severe looking matron has dressed in mourning for years. Her raven hair is stuck in a tight bun and her face is always serious. She holds her head high and hates delays. Recently, she looks frazzled and bothered.


Baroness Fedo is a widow who was forced into taking over the mercantile business when her husband disappeared. Her grief was sincere but she put it aside in order to provide for her daughters and the family investments. Fedo has purchased rights for wagon’s bearing her seal to be billed to her rather than the standard tolls and taxes. Her position allowed her to purchase tax breaks for the common goods that are widely shipped. Wools, cottons, fresh produce and the like. Fedo trademen are humble folk supporting the economy. The Baroness is kind but overly busy and usually appears stressed and frustrated. Her time is spent running the business, securing subsidies, and trying to provide husbands and futures for her daughters. She is terribly challenged by the recent series of wagons waylayed by the “cleftwood few” brigands.

Daughters- Martha-27 Eldest- greedy, spoiled and hoping for the crown prince take note of her Abigail- 25- Married to head Shipwright Bello Alfonse. He now stands to inheiret the business Cortina- 23-wayward daughter, black sheep of the family, constantly running off Zarah- 20- meek and quiet, keeps house and helps mother, no love interest as of yet.

Lyanna Fedo

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