Huris Shameford

halfing wagonmaster


Halfling expert 8


Huris Shameford is the leader of the Caravan Community RattleDeep. Huris is a middleaged hobbit who enjoys the open road and loves his rag-tag collection of wagons. He leads in a committee fashion with the other five family/wagon heads. He reveres farlaghan as well as Olidamara and Yondalla. The three holy symbols are all on chains around his neck and rattle around quite a bit.

Currently, the Wagons of Rattledeep are stopped in a ruined stone keep on the lands of Baron Raynard Metla. They were chasted there and seiged by the cleftwood few. The outlaws were repulsed in an attack by halfling stone and steel but the halflings dare not venture out of their fortification.

Huris Shameford

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