Blades of Rudo

Kalzak's refusal

Vanwafeya, Parn, and Cortina return to Rudo. Cortina, using the heft of her noble parentage, tries to get an audience with Marie Calisan, but instead is greated by her husband Sir Arthur Kalzak. Parn lays his case that he is seeking his family, that he was found at age five some twelve years ago and the signet ring of House Calisan was found on him. Kalzak says that all that could prove is that he was a thief at an age too young to remember. He snatches the signet and has them removed from his estate.

Lyanna Fedo awaits outside in a carriage and her knights apprehend Cortina.

Parn and Vanwafeya are left with half of a smudged map and few leads. They take the salty parchment to the scribes in the temple of Pelor, sun-god and life giver. They are told that normal means of restoration are impossible, but divine assistance may prove useful. Parn swears to dedicate a week of his life, each year to the temple of pelor as a lay-man, a servant, and a healer as payment for services rendered. An upper clergyman casts a divine mending on the old text causing ink to run back in place and images to sharpen. The map is the southern coast, from Ryden to Nagisa. Meticulously detailed with every bay and inlet and signed by the Cartographer, Lord Edward Calisan.

The Pelorian Cleric asks for Parn’s tale. At the conclusion he tells Parn that without being a Falcon Shifter, the evidence is insubstantial. In a flash and feathers Parn transmorgifies into the celestial blue falcon which has been sighted around rudo for the last few years. The Cleric is taken aback but tells him that he is the wrong falcon, the Calisans aren’t angelic.

Parn returns to human form disappointed and confused. He and vanwafeya return to the Foxglove tavern to drown his sorrow.

In Ryden

In Ryden Vanwafeya, Parn, and Cortina wander the streets as Parn tells his tale. After some searching, they find his godfather, Skua. Who gives his godson a bleached driftwood box a foot long and a few inches in width. Parn gives him a bag full of coins and take their leave. The box holds a metal ring and half of a smudged map. Cortina uses some sealing wax to make an impression of the ring. She identifies it as a signet ring of the house Calisan of Rudo.

Flight of Fancy

After spotting the Blue Falcon on its morning flight, Vanwafeya and Cortina take one of Baynock’s Carriages to the Fedo estate, where Cortina lives. Instead of being allowed to Cortina’s Room they are summoned before the lady of the house, Baroness Lyanna Fedo, a stern gaunt woman of late middling years. Cortina is reprimanded for forging an invite to the dark ball, making a spectacle of herself and embarrassing the crown prince. Cortina is forbidden from leaving the grounds until further notice. Out of earshot from the matron, Cortina tells one of her trusted servants to prepare two horses and provisions. She will promptly be taking a journey north to see her uncle. Then Vanwafeya is escorted from the estate. She waits by the stable exit, there she sees Lyanna waiting for her wayward daughter. A gruff streetman approaches Vanwafeya. “You seem to be searching for something. The lady of the lost soul should follow this poor beggar and you’ll be finding it.” Cortina’s eyes shown out from beneath the beggars brow. Rather than heading North, they exit the city on the south gates, on the road to the port city of Ryden. Outside the city gates, they encounter Parn, the newly made acolyte of Farlaghan bandaging an injured horse and paying a gate fee on a cart of goods from a poor farmer. Parn hails Vanwafeya and explains his good fortune of being accepted as an acolyte in the order of Farlaghan. Though he was told by Father Goodchild that first he must find who he is, and help himself, before he helps others. Helping others does not make you better or worse than those you help. Parn decided that finding is adopted father in Rudo would be a solid start. He offers to accompany Vanwafeya and her friend south.

Miles from town, the glamer of the streetman falls and Cortina is revealed for who she is. Parn proclaims his indifference to her status, though he apologizes profusely for not showing his due courtesy to a lady of the court.

Dark Night

Vanwafeya attends the Dark Ball in tight leathers and a skeletal mask, she gets little respect, but many furtive glances. She is danced by a number of suitors in a simple “round” dance, where the ladies are past amongst the circles of Gents. Hating the conformity she reverses and grabs a beauty in an angel mask and takes to the center of the floor. They dance whirling dervishes and the music plays to them while the other guests watch. The angels askes for a name, any name to remember her by. Vanwafeya replies,” My truename speaks of ‘Lost soul’ and so shall I be.” “Then the riddler shall only know me as Celeste.” The angel chides with a sly smirk. Breathing heavily the dancers are taken in hand by the gents. Celeste by a muscled man in a fish mask, and Vanwafeya by Baynock, the Half-lord himself. The thanks her kindly for her services to her kin and he is pleasantly surprised that she should bring such spirit to his evening.

Celest is fought over by a drunk and the fishmasked. The drunk is the crown prince, Bramlet, and the Fishmask is Gerard Windover, a dashing emissary from the far-port of Nagisa. The prince is disarmed and dishonestly calls for another sword, which he is denied. His brother and guardsmen escort him out. When the party resumes, Celest takes Gerard to a minor balcony and reveals herself as Cortina Fedo, a daughter of a noble house. Gerard refuses Cortina’s advances and she is left on the balcony distraught. When she thinks she is alone, she mutters something to herself and leaps from the third story balcony. Vanwafeya, having heard the exchange, rushes to the railing and sees Cortina floating to the cobblestone and running off on foot. Turning to resume the party, vanwafeya hears Cortina scream. The half-elf lass scurries down the manor wall in her tight leathers. And runs a few blocks to find Cortina magically suspended in air and a trio of thugs trying to bring her down with ropes. Vanwafeya disarms and disables one and the other two confront her but refuse to take her seriously. She slices the hand of one assailant, who runs off. She is about to be attacked from behind when magical bolts flair from Cortina and stun the final man.

Vanwafeya offers her true name and the angel and devil duo return to the estate proper. They retire to the same room for safety, clean up, and rest.

On Hiatus

The Players take some time off in and around Rudo, following their own Goals. Beleen takes to the wilds and sanctifieds a grove south or Rudo. There she is honing her skills as a druid and delving the mysteries of herself and nature. Fubar goes on a drinking binge and is thrown in the drunk tank for misconduct. Onuriz, on the same drinking binge, gets thrown out of most pubs in the city until he finds himself in Baron Metla’s “Wineskin’s Trumpet.” There he offends a good number of guests and is killed in a dual with the crown prince, Brahmlet. The Blue falcon rides the winds above the city still. Vanwafeya plans to attend the Earl Inyu of Baynock’s “Dark Ball.”

(Campaign currently on Break due to relocation IRL)

Rocky Roads

The Year of our Lord 1354, 24th Turn of King August Turlain, Rudonian Calender ATR (after the Reckoning). Fifth day after the Summer Solstice. Thor’s Day and Frigg’s Day, waning half-moon.

Royal Audience
King August Turlain III

The Year of our Lord 1354, 24th Turn of King August Turlain, Rudonian Calender ATR (after the Reckoning). Fourth day after the Summer Solstice. Woden’s Day, waning half-moon.

Cleftwood's Raven
Returning to Labast

The Year of our Lord 1354, 24th Turn of King August Turlain, Rudonian Calender ATR (after the Reckoning). Third day after the Summer Solstice. Tir’s Day, waning half-moon.

To Dry Fort
Meeting the Few

The Year of our Lord 1354, 24th Turn of King August Turlain, Rudonian Calender ATR (after the Reckoning). Second day after the Summer Solstice. Moon’sday, waning half-moon.

Through the Falcon's Gate

The Year of our Lord 1354, 24th Turn of King August Turlain, Rudonian Calender ATR (after the Reckoning). Day after the Summer Solstice. Sun’sday, waning half-moon.


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