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  • Rafe

    Rafe the wizard is a twenty-something black haired narcissist. He is always working on some half-completed project and believes that any of the labor to get it done is largely beneath him. Currently he is looking for some very specific objects for …

  • Harlock Duress

    Captain Harlock "the Cougar" Duress is a trusted civil servant and the man you want on your side in a fight. He is clever, cunning, and skilled. He is advisor of the king and beloved by his men. He values life, justice, and and fair judgement. He is as …

  • Jerard Windover

    Nephew of Helena of Nagisa, the far-port city of the eastern shores. Windover claims a few drops of celestial blood by decent but manifests no potherworldly powers. He is a fine sailor and well-spoken man of the see. Captain of the "Wanderer."

  • Billiam, Kensing

    Sir Billiam is a dark and stoic man. Once a mercenary knight of the Steel Pauldrons, after his company and son died in a goblin incursion he was offered a position as knight protectorate of Rudo. He was charged by King Turlain to ensure the legitimate …

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