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  • Vanwafeya

    Vanwafeya was a half-elf born in Rudo to a woman who couldn't resist elven charms. She is 5'2, nimble, and quick witted. She is honest in her dishonesty and thinks herself more of an oportunist than a theif.

  • Balboreth

    Balboreth Sil'Nev'anar'duran is a novelty. He is a skinny planeswalking Mercane who has settled down to make his fortune in this corner of the material realm. He owns and runs the Foxglove Tavern. He bought it from the origional owner, Red Swansoner and …

  • Rafe

    Rafe the wizard is a twenty-something black haired narcissist. He is always working on some half-completed project and believes that any of the labor to get it done is largely beneath him. Currently he is looking for some very specific objects for …

  • Jurai Turlain

    Jurai Turlain, second heir to the throne, is torn between being ready to assume the throne if need be and afraid of being someone's pawn. He is fair skinned, blue eyed, and apparently injures easily. He often if found with inexplicable bruising and cuts. …

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