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  • Vanwafeya

    Vanwafeya was a half-elf born in Rudo to a woman who couldn't resist elven charms. She is 5'2, nimble, and quick witted. She is honest in her dishonesty and thinks herself more of an oportunist than a theif.

  • Fubar

    Fubar is an anxious young fellow, eager for fame, glory and power. He fights carefully, often on a summoned war-horse. Atop his stead, he blasts his foes with quarrels and arcane powers. His familiar is a quizical capuchin monkey and his magic missles …

  • Onuriz

    Elf, arrogant and proud son of the City of Baynok (the high city of elves deep in the western forest). He seeks power and riches in the fast paced world of Men, instead of the slow traditions of his elven peers. He is skilled in bow and blade, artful in …

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