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  • Logan Longear

    A hunter and peltsman of the southern Kingdoms. He has found a patron in Sir Kalzak of Calisan who regularly buys rugs and throws and enjoys his garments to be fur lined. He is seen in the Calisan house often and is considered to be a heartless man who …

  • Jerard Windover

    Nephew of Helena of Nagisa, the far-port city of the eastern shores. Windover claims a few drops of celestial blood by decent but manifests no potherworldly powers. He is a fine sailor and well-spoken man of the see. Captain of the "Wanderer."

  • Onuriz

    Elf, arrogant and proud son of the City of Baynok (the high city of elves deep in the western forest). He seeks power and riches in the fast paced world of Men, instead of the slow traditions of his elven peers. He is skilled in bow and blade, artful in …

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