Day 7

On the morning of the 7th Day, Vanwafeya decides it is her responsibility to defend the halflings of Rattledeep stuck in the dryfort. She volunteers to stay behind and sends the rest of the party back to Labast to recruit reinforcements. Beleen, Fubar, and Onuriz begin the long walk back. Not far from the encampment, they hear muffled voices. Fubar summons his war horse and Onuriz sneaks through the brush and overhears the elf known as Logan arguing with one of his men.

“No, these are mercenary troops, we don’t need to challenge them, back down master Fisher.” says Logan.

Fisher, in black chainmail hauberk and black wools responds, “They will fetch help for the half-men and my god demands their sacrifice.”

“Well hang your gods, we need the goods on the fedo wagon. All those loyal to me… come away.” Logan and a few men at arms leave.

Beleen and Fubar know that something is amiss but, hearing none of this, keep walking on guard. Bolts fly and again Beleen summons the powers of mist to confuse their enemies. Fubar stuns a man with an arcane prismatic display. Fisher casts Bane on Beleen and Fubar, darkening their prospects. Onuriz rises from the brush sending a flurry of arrows. He is rushed by a bandit but fells him while beleen and Fubar put the others to flight. The druid lass and sorcerer pursue and Onuriz severs the head of his kill and Fubar’s unconscious foe.

The party finds a small spherical force of shadow that beleen detects as shadow evocation (Leomunds tiny hut/sub shadow). Their time spent investigating it allowed the dark cleric, Fisher, and some of his men escape.

The rest of their journey to Arthur Desven’s estate was uneventful. The lord of the manor promises to outfit more troops, he gives Onuriz a noble decreed pleading for assistance from the King’s Court of Rudo.

Day 7

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