day 8

Desven provides horses to speed Beleen, Fubar, and Onuriz on their way. The three reach the ciy gates by the Noon hour and present their noble request to Captain of the Guard, Harlock Duress. Explaining to him, the things that they have seen and the cleftwood few’s interest in the halfling caravan. Harlock, eager to be rid of the vandals, escorts the group to the castle proper and the great hall where the king, his majest, August Turlain III sits judging greivances before his court and council.

After hearing an appeal for funds for a great dam and waterlock system put forth by Aemon Quint, Councillor of internal reform, his royal majesty read the noble decree. Baron Raynard Metla offered to send his personal guard, the “Gilded Ranks,” to assist in seizing the halfling’s goods but the Halflord Inyu Baynock rebuked him and the King agreed to allow Harlock to assemble a small contingent to escort the halflings safely to the city and dispose of what resistance they might encounter.

Hearing that the troops will be footsoldiers and assembled in the morning, our three characters set about the town. Beleen sets to training her hawk to spot and circle targets while Onuriz and Fubar set to find out about the curious blade in Onuriz’s possesion. They find out from Balboreth at the Foxglove Tavern that the runes on the blade are “Fehu” and “Kenaz,” wealth and fire. This is the maker’s mark of Davin Alugren, Spellsmith. He is a minor enchanter and blacksmith owning the Dragonfire Forge.

Onuriz and Fubar visit the Dragonfire where they are ask master Alugren about the blade. With some coaxing they are able to discover that it was one of a half-dozen blades sold to Sir Arthur Kalzak of House Calisan. Fubar also enquires into magic items and weaponry finding that the costs of such are currently out of his means, though Alugren can make such things. He promises to have price breaks available next time there is an inquirey.

They take the blade to the Calisan estate and gain entry on the grounds that they are seeking information on employ as wagon guards. Kalzak, when asked about his recent trading convoys denies losing any to the the clefwood few, this is due to his increase in defenses. When told about his sword in the cleftwood possesion he becomes visibly agitated and says he is very upset that this could be the beginning of bad news. He could have lost a single guard or a whole caravan and will look into it prompty. Seeing that Onuriz is skilled and cunning he offers them an armed escort position to the south port city of Ryden. A ship with a chest of expensive spell components just came in and he has no troops to send for it. Neither then does he have any to spare to fight the Cleftwood few.

Excusing themselves from the fussy merchant, they meet Beleen and retire to the Foxglove Tavern. There, Balboreth confirms that the ones who have to gain from the Cleftwood few’s activities are Kalzak and Baron Metla. Kalzak from his increased secure traderoutes and Metla because he prefers more military controls, regulations, and armaments.

day 8

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